Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media

Storytelling is a very fine art. It requires the stark ability to capture attention and maintain it. The present world storytelling is what you might know by the name of Digital Media. And it requires everything that the basic art does, and then some more.

In the present age, there are a number of platforms that can be used and manipulated to suit one’s needs. It doesn't matter what story you are reciting, the point is to get the reciting to the capability where you become the piper and your audience becomes the mice. And to learn to capture the awareness of any target market is a big deal.

Introduction to the Course

Digital media, in its standard definition, is any medium of expression that is available in a machine readable format. In terms of a course, Digital Media is the study of all media distribution platforms and their influences, manoeuvres and control. The content that goes on the internet is never just the matter. It requires grooming. It requires tinkering. Most of all, it requires to be optimized to fit a particular norm, be it any specific type of audience or any specific type of motive. The aim of this course is to prepare you and thus enable you to either create or optimize the media to suit a specific purpose.

Course Modules

Digital Media is a vast field. It targets a vast audience. The web, the social platforms and the mobile audience are just a few major aspects of that massiveness. To be able to reach such a huge base requires a lot of parameters to be twisted and fixed in a particular angle.

At IMCI,you get to learn about those parameters, the art of twisting them to suit your objective and the angles that would suit it best. From the language to the technology, this course involves everything necessary.

Module 1: Basic introduction to the media modules and design fundamentals
Module 2: Strategies to find the best media for any purpose and multimedia production techniques
Module 3: Techniques to produce content, develop a story form and create narratives
Module 4: Digital photography- composition, editing, printing, light basic and colour basics
Module 5: Graphic design- illustration, composition and editing techniques
Module 6: Video production- creation and digital editing
Module 7: Social media- basics, content organisation and optimization
Module 8: Sound engineering- quality audio creation for media
Module 9: Interaction skills, communication skills and subject preparation
Module 10: Demo sessions and practical training

Eligibility Criterion

The program is a post graduate diploma course and hence the minimum eligibility criteria is a graduation degree. However, any candidate with a higher education in any field that falls in the vicinity of Digital Media is also allowed and accepted.

Program Length

The program is divided into certain specific number of sessions that are covered in the length of twelve months. This course involves the assessment and examinations and any other activities included in the program such as the Interactive session, the case studies etc.

Program Key points

The advantages of taking up a course like this are numerous. Especially in the present digital age, it opens up new roads to career choices and development. However, if it is any help, you can go through these quick bits to get a collective idea of exactly what IMCI is offering.

  • Experienced trainers
  • Diverse and well planned content and syllabus
  • Enriching environment and educational, observational sessions
  • Timely evaluations and training, modelled as per the industrial norms

Examination and Certification

It is quite easy to learn what is being offered in a loose environment. However, a bit of pressure just intensifies that learning. This brings us to the regular and final evaluations. The final evaluation examination will land a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Media to those who pass it. The certification will be further helpful in validating your worth as a digital media enthusiast.

Programme Fees

Industry and Corporate Placements

IMCI takes the opportunity of introducing you to the industry before the course reaches its completion. Also, the several ties and links it has with the corporate sector, helps you in finding a way to traverse, once you are worthy and out of the institution into the world of reality. With a close knit network of past students, corporate links and experienced trainers, IMCI not only equips you with a proper skill, it also provides you with options to utilize that skill.

Registration and Application

Every informational bit regarding the where and how of this course can be found on the website of IMCI. You can find out the fee details, the course timings and the application procedure as well. Take a step towards your new future. Let IMCI help you shape it into what you desire most.

How to apply

Quick download- Application Form

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