Executive Diploma in Entertainment Management

Programme Objectives
Entertainment is a leading Industry in India and it also contributes substantially to the economy of our country. As a result, there is a great need for trained professionals to become the growth drivers and take up the industry challenges. IMCI as one of the leading institutes of the country has introduced the Executive Diploma in Entertainment Management. The programme is specifically designed for the students aspiring to become entertainment industry professionals and for their throughout career enhancement in the sector. The objectives of this programme are:To equip the participants with knowledge, skills and required attitude for the entertainment industry as well as equip them with the latest developments in the industry.
1. To equip the participants with knowledge, skills and required attitude for the entertainment industry as well as equip them with the latest developments in the industry
2. Make them job ready for the entertainment industry profiles for various career opportunities

Course Modules:

Module 1 Basics of Management
Module 2 Introduction to Entertainment Management
Module 3 Audience Behaviour
Module 4 Target Group definition & Market Prioritization
Module 5 Business Communication
Module 6 Media Buying and Planning
Module 7 Media Mix decisions
Module 8 Introduction to Animation & Gaming Industry (2D & 3D)
Module 9 Fundamentals of Audio/Visual Production
Module 10 Media Technology and Entertainment Industry Marketing
Module 11 Film, TV, Animation and Gaming Programming Management
Module 12 Creativity for Social & Interactive Media
Module 13 Case Studies, Exercises and Demos
The Executive Diploma is a fast track course with more and rigorous case studies as compared to our PG Diploma. The course can be completed in 6 months under Executive Diploma programme.

Eligibility Criterion

Any aspiring candidate can get entry into this particular diploma course if they have a degree proof of graduation or above. Graduation in any stream either directly connected to Entertainment or to any of its neighborhood streams will be accepted.
Candidates who have any degrees in addition to the graduation one are welcome to submit registrations as well given their streams are in accordance with the needed ones. Any working professionals looking to enhance their skill set are equally welcome once they produce the required documents and meet the stream concerned criteria.

Program Length

The entire program usually takes up to six months. The curriculum and the syllabus are designed in accordance with this time limit to accommodate all the modules as well as the interactive sessions with professionals.

Programme Fees

Examination and Certification

IMCI conducts one final evaluation that determines the certification rank of the candidates. The Executive Diploma in Entertainment Management will be awarded to all those who qualify the final evaluation.
The course involves assignments and demo examinations which are conducted during the course of the program between predetermined intervals. The participants are expected to submit and indulge in these activities as much as they can to enhance their intellect as well as their ranking.

Industry and Corporate Placements

An individual with a Post Graduate Diploma in Entertainment Management will attain the highest level of knowledge in Entertainment Management and thus will have the most lucrative and managerial opportunities available to him in different areas such as Production, Cinematography, Media Management, Film Marketing, Advertising & Distribution and many more.
The program will allow students to explore a range of dynamic career opportunities available in the Entertainment Industry.
Diploma holders of the course are working in mid-level and senior positions in entertainment industry, business development, production, managerial and creative team.
They have found roles in a wide variety of entertainment organisations including: Radio, Advertising, Film and Television, TV etc.
Success in their Masters has allowed many to move into more senior roles within the businesses they have been working in, to transfer to new sectors of the media, or set up their own businesses.

Registration and Application

The official website of IMCI sports all kinds of notifications regarding calls for admissions, registrations dates and details and contact support.

How to apply

Quick download- Application Form

For further enquiries or Prospectus, write to or call us on:

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