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Marketers Predict Trends for 2018

As another year rolls in, marketers all over have set out to determine the most impactful commercial marketing trends that may emerge in 2018. Some of the frequently considered ones include content, AI, Big Data, social media marketing, social CRM, and machine learning.

Experts believe that the perspective of the market towards content is headed for a change. New, or somewhat improved quality parameters will redefine popular content. Resonating with the consumer will become a matter of top priority.

Augmented Reality, machine learning, and VR are expected to reinvent many advertising formats. Not just businesses, but third parties as well can be seen utilizing these technologies to personalize the consumer experience and integrate their products in a more immersive manner while imparting some value to the customer.

With 360-degree content and voice search occupying more space in the picture, Juniper Research forecast predicts a market investment of around $19 billion by 2020 in voice-powered digital assistants, much like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

This year, influencer marketing can shrink down, if a study by Linqia is to be believed. As brands, platforms, and regulatory bodies introduce new rules for enhanced influencer experiences woven around transparency, new issues will arise which may or may not get solved that easily.

Blockchain technology, although expected to rise with around 20% marketers planning to use it (451 Research study), may not become the most important trend of 2018. The market is, however, expected to use more of Blockchain to put adequate measures in place against ad fraud, for data protection, and verification.

Moreover, marketers are expected to span globally. There may or may not be regulatory hurdles. However, the customer will want a more personalized, contextual, and valuable contact with brands instead of irrelevant conversations.

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