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Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Brand Direction

There is a very fine line of understanding that separates marketing from branding. With the Postgraduate diploma at Institute of Marketing Communications India, in Marketing and Brand Direction, that fine line is made very clear for you to recognize, approach and absorb within your style of work.

Introduction to the Course

Marketing has seen a drastic upturn from being physical to going electronic. In the present situation of the industry, it has emerged as a digital force. At this point of time, it is very important to have full and premium access to the skill set that will elevate your possibilities in the concerned field.

However, it could never hurt to prepare yourself for the next level. The art of branding is that next level. The diploma course at IMCI is the ferryman that will help you cross over to this particular level.

This proposed course is a combination of Marketing and Brand Design. It aims at enhancing your capacity to use the power of a brand and the strategic tactics of marketing to capture the attention that is your major concern.

Course Modules

While understanding every concept related to a particular field is very important for the point of view of knowledge, it’s also important to prune the branches that aren’t effectively necessary. The course at IMCI has been designed with utmost consideration to the demands of the corporate world.

The implementation and application are quite important in case of hands on work. And thus, a finely meditated upon program has been intended to satisfy the requirements of the course as well as the need of the participants.

Module 01: Basic introduction, information and differences concerned with branding and marketing
Module 02: The process of branding- strategy and experience
Module 03: Digital Marketing Strategies
Module 04: Application of strategies in designing brands
Module 05: Developing the basic brand requirements- Brand idea, brand personality and creative briefing of brands
Module 06: Professional development and communicational practises
Module 07: Quality assessment, analysis and improvement of brands
Module 08: Basics of building the marketing profiles for the targets markets
Module 09: Building brand experience- Establishing the verbal, visual and sensory identity
Module 10: Creative direction and brand-mark design
Module 11: Concerned case studies

Eligibility Criterion

The diploma is of the nature of Post graduate level degrees. Hence, the minimum admissibility benchmark comes to halt at the graduation degree. However, any person holding a degree that is a rank greater than the degree of graduation in a similar field is also acceptable as a candidate for this course.

Program Length

The entire course is going to be divided in the time span of twelve months. The one year program is planned with precision to utilize every classroom minute towards the goal. This course involves the assessment and examinations and any other activities included in the program such as the Interactive session, the case studies etc.

Program Key points

There are several benefits that you would encounter when you connect with this institute for this specific course. However, a few ones of the most heightened importance have been listed here for you to understand the level of determination and dedication that IMCI puts in for you.

• The syllabus that is covered for any course is of the utmost significance. The modules at IMCI are designed to ensure that the teaching is precisely to the point and yet understanding in its terms.
• The trainers at IMCI are professionals with a passion towards their work. The best ones are chosen for the task.

Examination and Certification

Along with knowledge, at IMCI, there is a method for extracting the exact depth of your knowledge at the end of the term. With an appropriately evaluated examination, all those who prove to be worthy of it are awarded a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Brand Direction.

Programme Fees

Industry and Corporate Placements

IMCI prides itself on the products that it has released in the market and the ones that it aims to release. Moreover, there is a properly paved way for the participants of this course in the industry where they desire to leave a mark.

With connections and relationships spread along, all the participants of this course can enjoy the benefits of industry placements. Not just that, these links and tie ups make the process of gaining knowledge a more detailed and informative one. Since we know exactly what the industry wants, courtesy to the corporate links, it helps us in grooming the students into just the precise kind of professionals.

Registration and Application

The official website of IMCI contains all the required information about the process of getting in. Since the information might change with each batch, year or other affecting circumstances, so it is advised to keep checking the same on the website at short intervals.

Don’t miss out on this one chance of learning what you desire at one of the best places. IMCI is just the medium. You can be the change.

How to apply

Quick download- Application Form

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