Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Journalism

Journalism is a veil that covers a multitude of things, keeps them capsuled in a tight bottle. To understand it, to desire a career in the field of applied journalism requires not just a higher level of understanding but also the ability to cater to all the elements that make up this genre into what it is.

This is where the Post Graduate diploma course in Applied Journalism at Institute of Marketing Communications India comes in. It allows you to see journalism in a new light. It helps you to grasp the most basic and the most heightened concepts in the necessary proportions. It builds a bridge, from where you are standing to the industry wherein you want to apply this knowledge. Then, it stands back and lets you discover the path to success with the help of the wisdom you develop along the way.

Introduction to the Course

The age of digital electronics and media has very much changed the way people look at journalism as a career. This affects the industry as well as the educational institutions because this stands for the changing nature of the genre into a dynamic form.

Quite obviously, if something isn't set static and can change at any time, in any form, in any dimension, then the whole point becomes to grasp the central idea and forge it in a defined way. This is the aim of this course as well.

IMCI aims to provide the most elementary understanding of journalism in the easiest possible way. Then, it goes ahead and defines how the changing patterns in this stream can affect the way a person writes, gathers information, analyses and distributes.

Course Modules

Any diploma in Applied Journalism can be very much dispersed into various units. While there are a few elements that are very crucial to this particular stream, there are another few which come and go as the ages change. This course and its modules have been designed in such a way that it can include all the necessary components and then make space for the changing ones as well.

These components involve reading, gathering information, analysis of reliable and non-reliable data, writing, photography, design, editing and such others. The goal is to divide all of these along with the different kinds of journalism natures into strict modules to develop a levelled perception.

The division of modules of this course is strongly modelled according to the various career options that you can have after its completion. Some of these career options include public relation specialists, advertising sales agent and advertising managers.

Module 1: Introduction to Applied Journalism.

Module 2: News Writing For Print & Broadcast Journalism.

Module 3: Newspaper, Editorials & Magazines

Module 4: News Ownership & Newsroom Oraganisational Structure.

Module 5: Production & Set Up In Electronic Media

Module 6: Anchoring & Beat Reporting

Module 7: Voice Modulation, Voice Over & Radio Broadcasting

Module 8: Travel Journalism & Photo-Journalism.

Module 9: Applied Journalism in the Global Context.

Module 10: Legal and Ethical Issues in Applied Journalism.

Module 11:Practical Assignments, Observational Sessions and Case Study.

Eligibility Criterion

Any aspirant must have at least a graduation degree to participate in this session.

Programme Length

The entire programme, with all the modules takes up to one year to get finished. This course involves the assessment and examinations and any other activities included in the programme such as the Interactive session, the case studies etc.

Programme Key points

The major features and the major benefits that IMCI has to offer can be capsuled into these ideas.

  • Live interactive lectures on all the modules
  • Well defined, well modelled and properly distributed curriculum over the manner of a year
  • Professionally experienced trainers with an apt idea of their field and dedication towards their aim
  • Observational and practical sessions to inculcate the basic morals of journalism into the students
  • Healthy development of the ideas and timely assignments and evaluations.

Examination and Certification

At the completion of the course, a final examination will be held. Those, who pass this evaluation will be awarded with a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Journalism to validate their learnings.

Programme Fees

Industry and Corporate Placements

It is very important to pave way for a new branch to develop before it gets shunted down by the blocking barricades. Keeping this very concept in mind, IMCI allows the use of its corporate relations to give the students, a chance into the industry. This chance is mostly an opportunity and becomes what the students make of it. However, it is only beneficial to a fresh face to get a good break.

In recent months the Institute has witnessed more and more participation from professionals working with global Applied Journalism organisations like Scoop Whoop, NDTV, The Better India, STAR India, Reliance MediaWorks, HT Media Ltd., Zee Entertainment, Fox Star Studios, Ananda Bazar Patrika (ABP) Group, Eros International, Living Media (India Today Group), Sony Pictures, Balaji Telefilms, Viacom18, CNN etc.

Registration and Application

All the application and admission related information is present and well updated on the website and can be gathered from there.
Journalism is an enchanting career. Let IMCI draw the spell for you.

How to apply

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The Institute has witnessed participation of students and professionals now working with Fortune 500 and global advertising, media and public relations giants like: