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Shaping the future of any industry is a responsibility that every entity connected with that trade has to carry on its shoulders. Contributing to the future of digital marketing, communication, journalism, sales and advertisement industries, one student at a time, IMCI does its bit. Making a person open up to his/her talents, motivating people to look inside and find out what drives them, is a full-time business, not an obligation for those who decide in all their senses to delve into the occupation of making the next working generation much better than the present, both in terms of their work quality and self-motivating skills. With a complete and utter understanding of this very important facet at IMCI, the batches that leave this institution are equipped with the tools that are to become their companion in their upcoming career path. With a firm belief in what we produce, IMCI invites you to examine, evaluate and inspect our produce, and only after you find them to fit your window of desirable aspects perfectly, employ them as your personnel.

Our Placement Services are 100% Free for Corporates

IMCI welcomes all certified employers with open hearts. There is no fee or financial constraint that requires being looked into, for IMCI believes in channeling chances for its students, all the while providing the best kind of workforce to the industry without much hassle. There are provisions for both on-campus and off-campus placements. In case, any employer desires to visit the departing batch on IMCI grounds, they can contact the Corporate Resource department and receive all that they wish to know and hence, schedule their visits. If the scenario differs from the above-mentioned one for any organization and an off-campus drive is to be scheduled, the employer can contact IMCI and we will filter the available, placement worthy students according to the employer's constraints and facilitate them on the venue as desired.
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IMCI invites employers to select students for industrial training

A part of the post graduate diploma and executive diploma, here at IMCI, is a six to twelve week-long internship programme, participating in which is mandatory for the students and essential for their grades. After the internship concludes, the candidates are required to submit a report on the project they undertook during the period of their internship. Employers who are interested in selecting candidates as interns in their organizations can contact IMCI. We will filter and choose the best-suited candidates as per the requirement of the role.
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Develop the talent of your organization with IMCI’s executive courses

Human resource for every organization is the equivalent to the army of an emperor. It is difficult for the emperor to either rule or win a battle without the army.
With a bit of help from IMCI and its professional certification courses, employers can enhance the level of understanding of their personnel on various industry-related skills. Not only do these skills help in making the employees more equipped to do what they are supposed to do, but it also gives the organization an advantage over the rest of their kind.
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Verify employees with us anytime

Any employer who wishes to verify any of IMCI's currently enrolled or already passed students can do so easily by putting in a verification request at with the following details:

Name of the employee
Registration no.
Grow and develop with IMCI. We work towards making the face of the digital world, a better sight to marvel at.

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