Executive Diploma in Product Management

Management is a very delicate art. To be able to foresee, understand and estimate all the scenarios into which a situation can develop and to manage all the factors that govern the modification of the situation to extract expected results is a very elaborate and yet, a very fragile process.

The term 'management' has spawned many careers. Product management is one of them. And it is one intriguing field to work in. A job as a product manager is a chance to work for many different kind of products. It is a chance to understand a collection of varying strategies that need to be implemented while turning something from an idea into a real entity.

To grab a position as a product manager, the skill set needs to be immaculate. And even after acquiring the proper amount of technique and etiquette one would need to work in this field, the most important and majorly horrid thing to face is the interview. In there, in front of the panel of experienced product management professionals, it no longer matters what one knows. All that carries any weight in an interview for the post of a product manager is the ability of the candidate to express themselves in the exact right manner at the exact right second.

The entire idea at Institute of Marketing Communications India (IMCI) is to develop the capability to understand the exact kind of display that would work in a real time environment. At IMCI, the entire weight is put on the growth of the candidate and that is what puts this institution and this course ahead in the line of similar courses.

Introduction to the Course

In its Product Management course, IMCI seeks to help students inculcate the out of the box thinking that is absolutely necessary to come up with product insights and innovations imperative for succeeding in the industry.

The course aims to build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of the subject and then build onto that the understanding and the knowhow of managing products across their life cycle – from inception , to innovation and marketing. The course will equip the students to work in the product domain across industries though a specific emphasis will be placed upon product management and innovation in the media and digital domains.

This resolution is fulfilled with the help of a rich and well-modulated curriculum. The cause is assisted by experts and experienced professional who not only understand what they are supposed to do but also take the initiative to do it in the most engaging and inspirational manner. All the efforts sum up to support a sole aim- that is to help the participants with all means available so that they can develop the instincts that any product manager must possess.

Course Modules

The manner in which an art can be felt is different from the manner in which it is to be preached. In any online or offline course, one of major things is the core curriculum. One must be aware of the syllabus, the distribution of the entire course over the proposed timeline, the modules in which the material is disseminated and the medium which has been chosen to enlighten the participants. Knowing these things makes it easier for a candidate to compare between course providers and choose one from the many services available in the niche.

IMCI understands this and hence, is open about the structure of the course. The modules here, have been thoroughly thought upon and discussed among professionals.

Module 1: Basics of Product Management

Module 2: Understanding the market – market research

Module 3: Customer development - Techniques to understand customers and validate demands

Module 4: Testing and validation techniques and implementation

Module 5: Business models- designing, storyboarding and wireframing

Module 6: Customization and innovation in the digital domain

Module 7: Financial theories and fundamentals of business

Module 8: Communication and presentation practices

Module 9: Software development methods and techniques to choose the best suited ones

Module 10: User Experience design

Module 11: Demo interviews

Module 12: Practical sessions

Eligibility Criterion

The course is a basic certification one. Any person holding a graduation degree in the least is eligible for applying to this programme. However, graduation is the minimum bar on applications. Post graduated people as well as professionals working in fields of similar nature, looking to enhance their skill set are also welcome to the course.

Programme Length

The complete course takes about a six months to be completed. This course span of six months involves the assessment and examinations and any other activities included in the programme such as the Interactive session, the case studies etc.

However, in cases where the candidates need more time or plan to schedule their learning in a wide manner of time, the management must be contacted and informed of the same. Thereon out, it is the decision of the higher authorities to either accept or reject the proposal for elongated stay.

Examination and Certification

IMCI conducts one final evaluation that determines the certification rank of the candidates.The diploma certificate is allotted to all those who qualify the final evaluation.

The course involves assignments and demo examinations which are conducted during the course of the programme between predetermined intervals. The participants are expected to submit and indulge in these activities as much as they can to enhance their intellect as well as their ranking.

Programme Fees

Industry and Corporate Placements

Gaining knowledge is one thing. Implementing that knowledge is another thing. But getting a chance to implement what one knows is something on a whole other level. The industry is huge. And the opportunities are incredibly large in number. But it isn’t often an easy thing to be right where the best openings are. IMCI understands this and considers it a responsibility to introduce those it trains, to the world where they could find a way to flourish.

With its intricately interconnected network of big sized syndicates, professional experts and HR and recruiting officials, IMCI ensures that the programme participants get a peek into the industry and a chance to become a part of the privileged layer as well.

Registration and Application

The entire process of registering and applying to the course can be done online. The website contains all necessary details such as the documents required for the process, the important dates, the fee structure and other updates. The choice of a career always belongs to a person. IMCI just works to make sure that choice is never a cause of regret.

How to apply

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