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Upswing of 75 new categories of advertisers


The global pandemic has its own effect on each industrial sector.  In the Covid situation, Astrology services, seed planting materials, veterinary products advertisers turn to for the mass media advertising in April 2020. 75 new types of advertisers have emerged in India, according to TAM's Adex data. Mass media advertising in April this year -TV, print and radio have been adopted majorly by the companies who were not even advertised ever.

Examples can be taken of Indo Nepal Rudraksha Organization; soda makers like Mr Butlers Soda Maker took their products for TV advertisements. Print media also had an increased clients list involving the Local Kirana and departmental Stores.

"The below-the-line advertising which used to happen earlier is not moving to above-the-line to media like TV, print and radio. New categories like cleaning mops, ready-to-cook food apart from instant noodles have come up." Said TAM chief executive,  LV Krishnan. No wonder these new clients will add value to the industry.

Some advertising shows an incomparable growth which was already advertising in the market. For example TV advertising opted for hand sanitizers as a category grew 128 times in April-June 2020. Likewise there was unprecedented growth in the Household cleaners, UPS and inverter batteries. Sugar confectionery advertised at least 130 times more on the radio channels.

As the companies are now advertising, expenditure is increasing and hence the advertising industry is seeking it as a chance to take a good leap. 60-70% of the growth is still expected to grow in the second half of the year. According to reports some sectors like FMCG have been most adaptive, its contribution to the adex level up to 38% in the first half of the year as compared to the previous full year which was just 33%.


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