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Aaj Tak Continues Its ‘No Tamasha & Only Samachar’ Conversation In Its New TVC

The news genre, for as long as one could remember, has been one of the key strings in keeping the ideology of democracy intact. It has been a harbinger in highlighting social inequalities, sharing information, educating the audience, forming opinions and spreading information. In such times, where communicating right and unbiased reportage should cover prime-time reportage instead sensational news and loud and hate mongering have occupied a key spot on the broadcast.

In a country like India, where news, especially broadcast news still dominates screen time in every household, it has become important for new channels today not to be obligated to show what ‘works’ but what ‘it is’. To keep this spirit alive, Aaj Tak has released a humorous yet thought-provoking ad that showcases the brand’s goal to cover ‘actual news’ rather than spreading misinformation or exaggerating general events into the news.

The ad film starts with a journalist visiting the scene of reporting but ends up encountering peddler of false & spicy new elements events adding a flair of ‘masala’ to it and broadcasting it to the viewers as news. These petty formulae are mimics of the current scenario where providing news has become a source of entertainment rather than empowering information. It also highlights propagators responsible for spreading fake news.

News should be an ideal synonym of trust in information, but when it is replaced by biased and sensationalised content, the purpose gets defeated. Aaj Tak with this campaign has brought back this belief and highlighted the role of ethics in the noble profession. The channel will continue to release more films as part of the campaign to keep the conversation going.

Aaj Tak the leading News Channel for the last 20 years has been on its toes to deliver ground-breaking reportage ever since and the same has been communicated through its campaigns, including the one recently released. The true reflection of the noble and esteemed profession of Journalism, which today has derailed from its prime motive i.e trust - is rightly showcased in the campaign. Because after all, “Aachar se nahi, Samachar se banta hai News Channel”.


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