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In a privacy-first world, having digital assets is a must for advertisers

Digital marketing experts from across the country are of the opinion that brands should not bombard consumers with ads all across the internet. Privacy is an ever-increasing concern for people. More and more consumers are being conscious about the amount of personal data being collected by advertisers.

Recently, Apple had rolled out its new iOS privacy feature which says that iPhone and iPad users can choose to not share their personal data and tracking in apps, monitor their behaviour and also share it with third parties.

Earlier this year, even Google had announced that third-party cookie tracking will be done away with. So these newer norms by the tech giants are a big hint for advertisers that they should not completely rely on the collection of consumer data from third parties.

In India, Apple does not have a big market share and thus changes in the privacy policy will not have excess implications on advertising but it is likely to grow in the coming times. In India’s advertising economy of over INR 17000 crore, 20 to 30 per cent of the digital spends go to third-party cookie-backed advertising. This should be a clear indication that advertisers should focus more on engaging with consumers directly via their own websites, have more digital assets like email list building or a direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform.

Mirum India, a renowned digital agency’s Executive Vice President, Mihir Karkare remarked, “brands owning a direct relationship with brands is how the business has been done since the beginning of the time. It is only in the last couple of decades these large tech companies became gatekeepers between advertisers and their customers. Owning a direct relationship with the customer is important like never before. Brands have to go back to build their own digital assets, for instance, creating an engaging website that will help them with user behaviour and details. Large e-commerce players are taking advantage of a large amount of customer data and creating products under their private labels at cheaper rates and making profits while also selling established brands.”

Thus, owning data of consumers is the key for advertisers and they can gain more customer attention via activities like influencer marketing, content marketing, etc.


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