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Swiggy Instamart reaches 19,000 new societies & 15 lakh+ homes across India with MyGate phygital campaign.

Swiggy’s instant grocery delivery has brought a paradigm shift in the market. People have got a one-stop solution for their urgent need for groceries to household products. The OOH campaign for swiggy’s instant delivery brought awareness amongst the customers.

Swiggy Instamart collaborated with MyGate to strengthen the brand awareness of its instant grocery delivery platform in new, untapped markets and boost user engagement in existing ones.

Gated communities are considered to be major hubs of commerce and doorstep delivery is an essential service for such societies. Pandemic has further increased the demand for it. They are home to a majority of decision-makers for consumer brands and, hence, represent an important target audience for businesses looking for a direct-to-customer approach.

The goal of the collaboration was to launch an awareness campaign to establish Swiggy Instamart as the leading quick commerce grocery delivery service in more than 19,000 housing societies in 7 major metros. The expected outcomes were increased brand recall and app engagement in these areas.

The MyGate platform and user base was used as a digital medium to interact directly with over 15 lakh homes in gated communities of metro cities
The Phygital campaign launched by Swiggy was able to select large, premium societies located within the serviceable area of Instamart across 700 hyperlocal zones in the selected cities. It then used the MyGate platform to interact with high-priority consumers, both online and offline.

Relevant information was broadcast through the internal digital communication channels on the platform. They displayed SwiggyInstamart’s wide product catalog, as well as the minimal duration & convenience of delivery it offers.

In a campaign you should know the buyer’s persona which is achieved by the study of the consumer’s journey, keeping in mind many unique sales strategies like interactive community engagement opportunities featuring contests, special offers, and coupons to improve awareness and engagement were conducted. In every society, residents could take part and win exclusive vouchers as they browsed Instamart’s offerings. In addition, one contest winner has declared in each society followed by a separate notification about the winner to all residents. Residents loved the relatability that one amongst them had won the contest. In-platform messages were sent on the MyGate App to build awareness of these engagement activities. MyGate listed Swiggy Instamart on the e-commerce platform to drive brand recall and homepage engagement. During the festive season, it was able to design interesting, topical engagement activities and drive grocery purchases.

The campaign was executed from start to finish by the MyGate team - right from getting society approval and permission to the creation, procurement, and installation of collateral in the societies. Through the campaign, Swiggy Instamart was simultaneously able to drive brand awareness in close to 19,000 societies across key serviceable areas in top cities in just over one month.


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