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Iodex Launches a Fresh Campaign with “Har Din Jeet Meri”

Iodex, a brand of topical analgesics, has unveiled a new campaign called "Har Din Jeet Meri."

The idea of the campaign is to win every day in order to realise your great aspirations. In the TV commercial, a cadet is shown pursuing her goal of becoming an IPS officer.

It discusses how you must take daily action and be ready for any obstacles and discomforts you may face in order to realise your great aspirations.

The cadet ultimately achieves her goal of becoming an IPS officer, but she is not content with that. Instead, she wants to make success a habit. The tagline "Har Din Jeet Meri" perfectly captures this spirit of competing every day to realise your huge aspirations.

Bineet Jain, Pain & Respiratory Health Lead, India Subcontinent, Haleon said: “Iodex is a heritage brand which has been trusted for many generations. With this new communication idea, the brand continues to be relevant to consumer’s life by capturing today’s spirit of making winning an everyday habit. With a strong portfolio of products spanning across gel, spray and balm, there is an Iodex for every consumer need.”


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