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Wiggles Redefines its Brand Positioning, will Now be Known as Lovemark

As it turns four, the pet care company Wiggles has unveiled a new brand identity. Lovemark will be the new name of the company. Commenting on this change, the company said, “Synonymous with the brand purpose and journeying towards becoming India’s committed #PartnerInPethood, Wiggles’ new identity leading with the ‘W’ titled ‘Lovemark’ is inspired by, a heart signifying unconditional love, infinity signifying unending commitment and a tick mark that signifies making smart choices. Wiggle’s Lovemark is symbolic of the unconditional and infinite love and lasting imprints that animals have on humans.”

The new identity for Wiggles, created by Ideosphere, has a sophisticated and contemporary look and is intended to convey the brand's approachable and pleasant feel. Wiggles is focused on improving the world for pets and animals by offering expert-driven, science-backed products and services to guarantee that pets and their humans live the healthiest, happiest lives possible, they said. Their mission is to promote responsible pet and animal care by enabling audiences to understand them better.

Co-founder and CEO of Ideosphere, Aniruddha Atul Bhagwat, commented said, “It is always challenging to define a differentiated space in a cluttered, highly competitive industry, like the booming pet care space. We wanted to ensure the new brand identity complemented the core purpose of Wiggles, to be better towards pets and animals, and for the identity and messaging to be able to connect to the emotion, passion and story of the Wiggles brand. It was truly a collaborative journey of discovery with the Wiggles team, and we are excited to see how the audiences respond to the change.”


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