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Social Media marketing: Swiggy's new digital stunt


Using Social networking sites (Instagram, Facebook and twitter etc.) as a platform for marketing and promotion is rising as a new trend. Swiggy; a food ordering and delivery company that provides food service solutions for restaurants, in collaboration with Dentsuwebchutney also tried the same. It has introduced a "Voice of hunger challenge" for all its instagram users which constitutes of 5 challenges and whoever completes these stands a chance to win a coupon with an years validity and this is apart from the daily prizes for each challenge. 

There was an overflowing response from the audience and created a buzz around as it recorded about 10000 entries in the first 12 hrs . It asked the users to recreate the food shapes through instagram VOICE NOTESand send recording as a direct message to swiggy.The food delivery appcreated a way to let the users interact and express their love for food.

For Example: Challenge 2 of #SwiggyVoiceOfHunger, the NACHO.DM us and recreate the shape of a NACHO by using Instagram voice notes and win up to a year's worth of Swiggy vouchers! Click on our profile to get started!

This campaign created a direct connect of the company with its target customers and promoted the brand's image.


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