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Bisleri deal dissolved; Tatas to invest in their own brands

Tata Consumer Products is planning to invest significantly in its own mineral water brands, including Tata Copper+ and Himalayan, after the company's attempts to acquire Bisleri, a leading bottled water brand, fell through. The company intends to support its own brands, including Tata Gluco+, Tata Copper+, and Himalayan mineral water. Tata Consumer Products, a Tata Group company, recently announced the cessation of negotiations for the potential acquisition of Bisleri International after nearly two years of discussion due to unresolved disagreements. Tata Consumer Products, which has well-known brands like Tata Tea, Tetley, and Tata Salt in its portfolio, has been a latecomer to the sector compared to its competitors such as Hindustan Unilever Limited, Britannia, and ITC. Despite this, the company remains ambitious and is quickly expanding its offerings.


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