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WowWee Expands Collaboration With Hasbro to Bring More Gaming Products

WowWee has partnered with Hasbro to expand its line of outdoor play products, including new Nerf Super Soaker items. The Nerf Super Soaker Blast Slider, a 16-foot water slide with a built-in water blaster, is one of the latest products. The Nerf Super Soaker SkyBlast Target Sprinkler, which requires kids to knock down three targets to launch a rocket while dodging a 360-degree sprinkler, is also available. Another product, the Nerf Super Soaker Toss 'N Splash, is a bean bag toss game that drenches players who miss their target. WowWee also offers reimagined versions of classic family games as outdoor splash games. Hungry Hungry Hippos Splash turns the classic game into a team sprinkler game, while Twister JR Splash, Battleship Splash, and Pie Face Splash are also available. Monopoly Splash is a life-size, inflatable Monopoly board with two ways to play: Classic Monopoly and an obstacle course race. Players earn Monopoly money as they navigate through the course and splash down into jail.


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