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Portronics launches Auto One BT to expand its Product Portfolio

The Indian digital and portable electronics industry's market leader, Portronics, has introduced Auto One, a powerful and versatile Bluetooth car audio streamer and phone charger. The device allows for hands-free phone calls, music control, and smartphone charging, all while keeping your hands on the wheel. Auto One is compatible with almost all vehicles and connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and your car's cigarette lighter port to create a complete audio solution for calls, music, and entertainment. It also pairs with your car's music system through FM radio. The device has a flexible body that can be adjusted up to 180 degrees for convenient display viewing. Its 1.8" coloured display shows audio controls, music tracks, FM channels, and voice callers. Auto One has separate controls for music tracks and FM channels, and its inbuilt EQ modes allow for customizable sound. The device also has a voice assistant compatible with Google and Alexa, providing hands-free control for phone calls, traffic updates, and weather information. Two USB ports can charge two devices simultaneously, and an AUX-in port allows for an MP3 player or USB pen drive connection.


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