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Threepipe Founding Father Jim Hawker Steps Down

Jim Hawker, the founder of Threepipe, a 20-year-old brand and performance marketing agency, is set to leave the firm next month. Founded in 2004 as a traditional PR agency, Threepipe underwent significant evolution under Hawker's leadership. Merging with a paid media agency, acquiring the creative agency Earnie, and integrating an SEO agency, Hawker strategically formed new teams to tap into rising media expenditures across retail and marketplaces.

By 2019, Threepipe had become a robust entity with a team of 100 professionals, serving B2B and consumer scale-up and challenger brands. Offering growth marketing services across PR, social media, paid media, SEO, marketplaces, and data science, the agency was then acquired by the global technology consulting firm Reply, based in Italy.

Over the past four years, Hawker played a key role in client counsel and business development, completing the earnout period by the end of 2023. While having dedicated the last 12 years to performance marketing, Hawker now anticipates returning to the PR industry, taking on advisory roles for agencies and brands focused on driving growth as he considers his next career steps.


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