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Mortein Unveils 'Ab Raho Befikar' Ad Campaign with Preity Zinta.

Mortein, a leader in pest control, has launched a campaign featuring Preity G Zinta for Mortein Liquid vaporisers, highlighting the journey of motherhood and the responsibility of protecting newborns. Titled 'Ab Raho Befikar', the campaign urges mothers to live without fear, thanks to Mortein's Mosquito Fight Technology (MFT*), safeguarding children from mosquito-borne diseases.

With mosquitoes carrying diseases like dengue and malaria, mothers seek effective solutions. Mortein's MFT* offers a potent, fast-releasing formula, protecting against multiple diseases. This campaign instills confidence, enabling mothers to embrace parenthood without fear of mosquito-borne illnesses.

Mortein's Mosquito Fight Technology* empowers mothers to ensure family safety. Developed by Havas Worldwide India, the campaign emphasizes mothers' crucial role in protecting families. It prioritizes family safety, with Mortein's MFT* offering comprehensive protection, epitomizing 'Ab Raho Befikar' with Mortein.

The Mortein liquid vaporiser with MFT - Mosquito Fight Technology is available in a 45ml pack, priced at INR 85, with a cash-back offer# for dissatisfied consumers.


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