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New “Kormo” App by Google for Job Opportunist


Google is known as a tech giant for the updates it always does in every changing scenario .Now recently, Google said that it expanded its employment android application - Kormo Jobs - to India.

Providing a helping hand for entry-level job seekers, Google had launched 'Jobs' last year in India.As thousands of people who have lost their jobs during the Coronavirus, this platform will definitely provide some outcomes and being of Google products provides high hopes.

Google has already launched the same program in Bangladesh and then in Indonesia.Businesses of all sizes in multiple markets are benefited by the portal along with Entry-level job opportunities, learning new skills and create CV.Jobs Spot have joined millions of job seekers with opportunities in fast moving times of on-demand businesses, retail and hospitality.

Google blog confirmed that ever since the platform was launched companies like Zomato and Dunzo had posted over 2 million jobs on the platform. The app is available on play store for download.Google also said that it is trying to rebrand the Jobs Spot on Google Pay to Kormo Jobs.After downloading the Kormo app in their Android devices, the job seekers will be able to discover recommended jobs, apply for jobs using the app, and will also be able to follow the job application process. The app also helps users to create a digital CV, which can be shared right from the app itself.


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