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India a magnet for Digital Innovation ?


India has the stamina to be a magnet for digital innovation. The potential is in areas like talent, policy framework and trust Debjani Ghosh, Nasscom President said “India will have to focus on building competencies in these three areas that will be critical in the "hyper digital economy".

According to her, there is immense digital talent in India that is the absolute advantage for Indian and Indian Market. Keeping in mind the right framework while designing the big plan is  the most important

Debjani Ghosh said "It's not just leveraging the talent, it's about ensuring we have the right policy framework to take the risk, to try out new things, it's about ensuring ease of doing business. If we are innovating, how quickly can we safeguard our innovation, how easy is it to file a patent in India. A lot of these things will have to be looked at,India also has to really focus on trust because trust is going to be such an important pillar of a contactless digital economy. Everything you do will depend on whether you trust the person/company on the other side. I think Indian companies, especially our IT services companies, have done well on trust. How do we expand that to other segments,"

With the government, Nasscom is working on launching one of India’s largest-ever public-private partnerships on digital skilling.This will start at the end of the year keeping the goal of skilling up people in it and other sectors because now every industry depends on the digital world. 


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