Post Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management

Almost every industry in the present scenario of this world has an element to it which deals with representation, reputation building and the wise use of that reputation mixed with some very cleverly designed schemes to attract the target bunch of people. This, in the market terminology, is the job description of a Sales and Marketing manager.

Being in sales can be quite challenging at times. It is a heavily communication based job. The people quotient of this position is higher than that of most jobs. The ability to deliver at the correct time and in the correct manner to the apt audience isn't something everybody can do. While the position demands brushed professionals, the point to remember is that every professional has been a fresher at some point in their life. The major game changers are the practise, the observation and the adaptation skills that take them to new heights.

To begin a career in sales and marketing is an idea that usually requires a lot of work. The field of sales and marketing is a diverse one. Its branches or subsections delve into themes such as marketing planning, marketing research, strategic development, promotion planning, price calculation, price estimation and product distribution. Many such aspects are a part of the department that handles sales and hence, there are many opportunities and a lot of scope for a person to develop and grow, given they have what it takes to handle the immense pressure that becomes a part of the parcel at times. At Institute of Marketing Communications India (IMCI), it is ensured that each candidate receives the apt amount of attention and the exact kind of training that can convert him or her into the wall that can absorb everything. IMCI aims at a distributed technique of education to ensure that a candidate receives a proper idea of whatever goes on in the real time situations in the industry.

Introduction to the Course

This course is modelled to incorporate a proper understanding of the various aspects of sales and marketing into the conscience of the programme participants.This programme has a lot of motives. One of those ultimate goals is to make the participants aware of the holistic character of marketing and the role it plays in the market.

It is very important to understand the cycle of marketing management and the techniques which are crucial to monitor and operate it. But it is also important to experience the way in which markets can change course and modify themselves. It is important to understand the varying nature of different markets and the changes in the value and demand of goods and services according to different situations. It is a necessity to experience because knowing isn't good enough anymore.

This course involves all such elements in appropriate details along with other important facets of the theme. It distinguishes between the theoretical and practical needs of an educational approach and hence advances in a mixed pace to fit in the concepts without losing the interest of the participants.

Course Modules

The entire course has been defined into smaller, calculated modules. While here, you will only get to see a vague representation of the subject details, this is an example to illustrate how the course syllabus is carefully modelled into sections. This distribution is to serve the purpose of suiting both time and gradual and informative study.

This course can be seen as the base over which other marketing courses can be swiftly passed. The major goal of this particular programme, or one can say the basic prime aim, is to build the foundation of a smooth professional by laying out all the core principles of the discipline.

Module 1: Basic processes of sales, marketing and marketing management

Module 2: Sales and marketing- basic functions, characteristics and roles in the market

Module 3: The nature and culture of markets

Module 4: Digital Marketing

Module 5: Consumer behaviour and buying trends of the market

Module 6: Market segmentation, market targeting and market positioning

Module 7: Analysis techniques for market competition study

Module 8: Market research and study of market potentials

Module 9: Strategic marketing- development and management

Module 10: Brand Management

Module 11: Monitor and control schemes for market plans

Module 12: Demo sessions, assignments for each section and practical spells.

Eligibility Criterion

Any aspirant must be a graduate to be eligible to be a part of this diploma course. Post graduate candidates and any professionals interested in the course can participate as well. Graduation is the only and the minimal eligibility constraint. People with a work history in areas similar to that of sales and marketing, who are interested in pursuing this diploma course are equally appropriate to apply for the course.

Programme Length

The Post Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management is a course for one year. It spans over twelve months and involves detailed learning via uniformly distributed modules.

Examination and Certification

The institute organises timely evaluations and assignment assessments to keep track of the course. The participants are expected to submit the assigned work on time to support their final evaluation results. A major examination is conducted at the end of the term. This examination involves the entire curriculum and the markings are treated as the deciding factor for the allotment of the Post Graduate Diploma in Sales and Marketing Management

Programme Fees

Industry and Corporate Placements

There is no one industry for sales and marketing. The world has many businesses and almost all of them has a department that deals in this particular dimension. The market for a career in this field is huge and so are the opportunities. However, the problem lies in the fact that getting by such a real catch of an opportunity is a rare occurrence, especially with the current trend of using enormous filters in any employee hiring process.

IMCI ensures that its students get a chance, a window into the industry, whichever it may be. With the help of the well maintained network of human resource professionals from all over the place, IMCI ensures that every participant gets a chance to showcase their talent.

In recent months the Institute has witnessed more and more participation from professionals working with global organisations like Amazon India, Flipkart, Grofers, IndiaMart, Myntra, Nykaa, Reliance Digital, Ebay, Shopclues, BigBasket, Snapdeal, Paytm Mall, HomeShop18, Lenskart, Etsy, Bewakoof, Souled Store, The Man Company, Quick Heal, Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, CocaCola, Pepsico, Pantaloons (Aditya Birla Group), Lifestyle, Max, Big Bazaar, Microsoft , Apple, Tata Motors, Tata Steel, Nestle etc.

Registration and Application

The entire process of registering for the course, applying via the internet, paying the fee, gathering the schedule and any such information can be found on the official website of the institute.

How to apply

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